Creative business tips…..

I read this article recently and it helped break down the process of setting up a creative business….I think I`m getting the new year feeling!

Be creative!It may come as a surprise to many, but you can’t set up a creative business, without actually being creative. Yes, that’s right inspiration won’t suddenly hit you out of nowhere if you have never explored your creative potential and creative preferences before. Therefore it’s vital that you put in some time before you start your business and explore what it is you wish to do and sell creatively. 


Find some funding To set up even a small business there are certain costs involved. That means to get things off the ground you will need to source some funding.Many people rely on their savings for this or money from investors. However, there is another option to consider and it’s going to a provider like Buddy Loans for help. The reason being that they offer same-day payouts, and even if bad credit has dogged you in the past, they will still consider your application. Something that means you can get your creative business up and running ASAP. 

Outline your goals and targets Staring up a business is too vague a goal. Instead, you need to have specific targets and values to which you will work. When it comes to targets you may choose something like to earn enough money to give up your day job. However, values are more about how you work. An often picked value for artists is to be environmentally friendly in their art and business practices. That is using materials that are recycled, not wasteful, and that do not pollute the planet.

Come up with a name and decide on branding Naming your business can seem a little scary. After all, you have the task of summing up everything you do in just a few words. However, the name you pick is important because it will be what distinguishes you from every other business. Once you have picked out a name that you like, it’s time to work on branding your business. Your branding should include things like your business’s colour pallet, your logo, and even the fonts you choose for your website and compliments slips. Remember good branding is about establishing trust with your customers, and so is a vital part of this process.

Set up operational systems There is a major problem creatives experience, when they go into business. It is that they have to spend more time and energy on the business side of things and less on the making side of things. Of course, this is often contrary to the reasons they started up such a business in the first place. However, you can solve this issue by automating as much of your business as possible. Indeed, by selling your wares online, you can automate marketing and payments easily. Something that will leave you with more time to do what you do best, be creative.