A little something about me…

I’ve been making ever since I was small! You could always find me happily absorbed in craft projects; quilling, fimo, decoupage… to name a few. I was always experimenting with different materials melting wax to create flowers! ( not sure how safe that was!), marbling with PVA! I can’t imagine a life without creativity !

I still enjoy experimenting with different materials and craft is still at the heart of what I do, but it`s about making the craft my own and I do that through play and experimentation. I now make jewellery, which I treat like wearable works of art, paper art and installations. After studying a mixed media degree in Fine Art in the friendly city of Cardiff, I moved to London to do a two year MA in Painting at the Royal College of Art. I began my degree by painting, but soon started creating miniature paper installations and by the time I started my MA I was creating room sized textile installations. I now use a mixture of fabric, paper, wood, perspex, which I laser cut to create my work.

I am passionate about spreading the word about how wonderful creativity is! so I do lots of workshops and projects with different communities from school children to adults suffering with mental health difficulties. I have recently completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Integrative Psychotherapy, which I loved!

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Peacock Necklace
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Ava Jessica

New Ghosts- Mythical environments…

Both groups made a beak book to start to imagine where their myth might take place- John Lindley (the writer) worked with both groups to help make inspire and make their myths modern ….the results were really beautiful with lots of detailed designs…


My last Pattern design and laser cutting workshop in Clitheroe….

Woow it feels like we`ve done a lot in 12 weeks….we finished our origami sketch books, said our farewells and ate some bakewell tart!…..feel really sad that my lovely Clitheroe mornings have come to an end. Thank you to all the lovely creative group members that made it so lovely..

There will be an exhibition at the Ace centre in September so i`ll let you know the details if you wanted to come down and see the work first hand.