A little something about me…

I’ve been making ever since I was small! You could always find me happily absorbed in craft projects; quilling, fimo, decoupage… to name a few. I was always experimenting with different materials melting wax to create flowers! ( not sure how safe that was!), marbling with PVA! I can’t imagine a life without creativity !

I still enjoy experimenting with different materials and craft is still at the heart of what I do, but it`s about making the craft my own and I do that through play and experimentation. I now make jewellery, which I treat like wearable works of art, paper art and installations. After studying a mixed media degree in Fine Art in the friendly city of Cardiff, I moved to London to do a two year MA in Painting at the Royal College of Art. I began my degree by painting, but soon started creating miniature paper installations and by the time I started my MA I was creating room sized textile installations. I now use a mixture of fabric, paper, wood, perspex, which I laser cut to create my work.

I am passionate about spreading the word about how wonderful creativity is! so I do lots of workshops and projects with different communities from school children to adults suffering with mental health difficulties. I have recently completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Integrative Psychotherapy, which I loved!

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My beautiful finds from the textile fair…

Gosh what an inspiring weekend! If you made it to the textile fair….wasn`t it amazing!? Below are two french magazines from the 1930s….there are patterns and all sorts of exciting things inside too. I thought I could have them framed and looking at them would send me into a daydream….

Victorian lace motif….

1950s hair clip to brighten up a dull day…..


a french linnen pillow case in perfect condition….the perfect pillow for breakfast in bed!

The day ended with carrot cake…what a perfect day. I bought a beautiful paper craft punch and judy which i would love to reinvent as a workshop (i`ll share that another time).

I hope you had an inspiring weekend!

The Bronte Parsonage Museum…..

I have been working really hard and decided i needed a day of inspiration….and gosh it was a perfect day and just what i need to spur me on in my own work. I had never been to the parsonage before, so that was a real treat, but to see Su Blackwell`s beautiful book installations was AMAZING! I turned to my friend and exclaimed i felt sick and she knew, because she felt the same, it was through excitement! I was interested in how much the heritage venue had allowed her to alter. I am finding myself up against lots of challenges like not being able to fix anything on ANY walls( blu tac was refused), whereas Su Blackwell actually stapled the original Bronte bed!!  I don`t how she has managed it but it looked amazing and i have been inspired by it all week so thankyou Su- I am envious- if only i could use staples!

My favourite room was the Bronte playroom, where Su turns the stories the Brontes made up as children into beautiful book installations.