Lou lou

This is named after lovely louise who always inspires me and who i get excited with about creativity, the countryside and all other lovely things! Made from four pieces of laser cut walnut, hand painted gold and duck egg blue, with a tan leather strap. Inspired by iron work from the late 1800s, this necklace is so easy to wear day or night. Available to buy soon…..

Rosa available to buy……

Do you remember my ribbon doodles? well they led to the Rosa necklace below. Named after a very close friend who has always supported and inspired me (i think this is my favourite piece from my new collection) Made from quilled nude velvet ribbon and laser cut walnut pieces layered over the ribbon, one hand painted white and another sea blue. The eight Winter Garden (amazing building in Blackpool) inspired pieces are sewn together and painted white make up the flower like necklace. The strap is made from a cord and a tan coloured leather cord. This necklace makes me want to collect shells on a beach somewhere and makes me feel very summery! You can buy Rosa here

Metropolitan Museum of Art…

My favourite art gallery! I feel so inspired after my day here..it will keep me going for quite some time. I remember my visit here the first time, feeling so in awe of the place, I wasn`t sure my second visit would live up to my expectations- but it actually did and was even more inspirational than I remembered.

here is some of the inspiration i found there….

some old favourites…

We headed to the rooftop for a cold drink..


New york New York…!

I `ve just got back from New York…i hadn`t been for over ten years, this time i had a completely different idea of how i wanted to experience the city…I wanted to feel like i lived there, so we rented an apartment in the lovely East Village and soaked up the city`s amazing atmosphere.

The best thing about New York (and there`s lots of amazing things!) is the community feel the city has- the East Village is probably the area where you can feel this the most, with people gathering in Tompkins Square park to playing chess, basketball, swim, walk the dog…a pop up cinema appeared one night encouraging people to gather to watch ‘Taxi Driver.’ You can see community gardens, free events everywhere you go and the feeling of community is everywhere, maybe it`s mainly down to the hot weather that encourages people to socialise in a park until the early hours, but there seems to be more opportunities for this to happen.

Here are a few of my favourite things we did…relaxing in Soho…

people watching….

A trip to my favourite art shop…i remember going here the first time i was in New York and was very happy when we just came across it walking out of Soho…four floors of excitement!

Grand Central station…so romantic and one of my favourite places…

we came back at night for some cocktails to the lovely Campbells Apartment bar…

A broadway show…One Man Two Guvnors was hilarious! i loved the old fashioned english humour about it…although i can`t deny the humiliation of a supposed audience member really upset me! (what a relief she was a part of it!) Before going to see this show we had sushi in Bryant Square Park, (my favourite square), where they were about to show ‘The wizard of Oz’ on an outdoor cinema screen.

The choice of food! Just a simple sandwich is amazing….i found myself fretting over making the right food choices….but the sushi and seafood always hit the mark.

The beautiful library….

The beautiful architecture you can admire whilst shopping….

and finally New York sunshine! I can`t imagine enjoying the city quite as much in the cold.