I started making jewellery after I finished my MA in London. I lived in a small flat in Sheperds Bush and couldn`t afford a studio, so I didn`t have the luxury of being able to make room sized installations, so needed to make something small! Jewellery seemed like the perfect solution, so I joined a jewellery-making course with a friend and we giggled our way through it…After this course I continued to experiment and it gradually became part of my practice. The following year I went to New Zealand for three months for an artists` residency at an art centre near Wellington. It was here I spent three blissful months developing my jewellery practice

When I first came to live in the rainy, but very lovely, city of Manchester, my childhood friend and I set up our own accessory studio Ellie and Lou in the Manchester Craft and Design Centre. I now make from my lovely studio at home near Manchester.

I now use laser cutting technology to create unique and delicate shapes that I then layer, playing with depth. I use different materials like; walnut, acrylic, feathers, ribbon and fabric. The pieces often connect to a certain places that evoke a nostalgic elegance, often using an art deco palette to hand paint each piece. I am inspired by architecture in particular art deco interiors, as well as craft techniques, such as quilling and decoupage. I exhibit my collections in various places and galleries such as Yorkshire Sculpture Park and they are stocked widely; featuring in British Vogue as well as popular blogs like Creative Review etc.

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Ava Jessica
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Jewellery blog

La Dolce Vita collection…

I have begun creating my next collection, (which has been a long time coming; mainly due to the birth of my beautiful daughter!), the original inspiration came from a trip to Rome a few years ago now. I want my new collection to embrace colour, (I`m experimenting with a much bolder palette than I ever have before!). It`s going to made from laser cut faux leather, ribbon, feathers and brass….




Back in the studio at last!…

The last six months have been so busy I`ve not had nearly as much time as I`d have liked in my studio, mainly because I`ve started a post graduate course in Integrative Psychotherapy. Psychotherapy has been a passion for a long time and I`m amazed how closely creativity and Psychotherapy are linked. My experience of my Psychotherapy course so far has been AMAZING, life changing, challenging, enlightening…..these words don`t even begin to describe it…I`ll share more when  the words come to me…but now I have some time in my studio over summer, which is bliss!

I`ve been laser cutting card and experimenting with different patterns…..

ExperimentingI like to be hands on when I`m designing, so I`m experimenting with this new way of designing, so some of these shapes might end up being mirrors, jewellery etc. Here are some of my favourites….




I`m also in the process of creating some circular pictures made from coloured mount board and japanese paper this design inspired by Port Meirion….


My task over summer is to create my new collection Dolce Vita, which is going to made from walnut, mirrored perspex and frosted perspex. I`m really excited at the beautiful colours the perspex comes in…