Project; Happiness…. Unexpected Joy

Two lovely families turned up whilst I was there…neither being able to speak very much English….to my amazement one of these families got involved…all three children attempted to follow my instructions…the dad was the only member of the family who did not, instead he drew his own image quite happily it seemed. This family seemed quite happy to have a break and get involved for a short amount of time.

Once this family had left two women came along, so then the group was made up of myself and four women; once we had all relaxed into each others companies I could feel how absorbed the women were in their work.The flow of the women came really unexpectedly and changed the atmosphere of the group completely….i actually found my own flow drawing alongside these women. Communication was easy and we talked about our experiences of drawing at school and how difficult we found it; yet everyone in the group seemed to be finding an unexpected pleasure in it!


Near the end another family turned up and were unable to speak any English…it did not feel right to involve them in trying to explain what the project was about, (surely impossible under the circumstances).. instead an offer of a drink and food seemed more appropriate and a friendly smile.