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I have always been really passionate about Art as therapy, which led me to work with all kinds of different people and on mental health wards and hospitals around London. I was lucky enough to work with and learn from an amazing Art Therapist, which led me to being accepted to study at Goldsmiths to do an MA in Art Psychotherapy…….but I wasn`t quite ready to be a therapist, so I moved to Sydney to spend one blissful year making Art in the sun!

As a result of all my experience of working with many different groups of people; my community work as an Artist is really important to my practice and in September 2017 I was very happy to qualify as an Integrative Psychotherapist.

I have over ten years of experience of working as a freelance Artist, some of the projects I have developed and facilitated are; Banardos group , Start Arts on Prescription workshops in Salford , New Ghosts Project, East Lancashire Arts on Prescription projects in Clitheroe and Burnley, Tipp project with young mums in Salford, Open shop Project at Haworth Gallery and The Talking Tower exhibition.

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Workshops & Projects blog

New Ghosts-making choices….

I wanted to give them a choice of either altering a book in a two dimensional way offering more opportunities to write, OR working a three dimensional way of working inspired by Su Blackwell. When presented with this choice the vibrant full of ideas tuesday group surprisingly couldn`t grasp being given this choice and it took most of the session for the class to fully grasp what choice to make. The quieter, more cautious monday group coped with the decision well and seemed to revel in being given this opportunity.

The tuesday group struggled to use their own initiative and needed constant direction whereas the monday group again seemed to cope better with their freedom to make……

New Ghosts- Mythical environments…

Both groups made a beak book to start to imagine where their myth might take place- John Lindley (the writer) worked with both groups to help make inspire and make their myths modern ….the results were really beautiful with lots of detailed designs…


My last Pattern design and laser cutting workshop in Clitheroe….

Woow it feels like we`ve done a lot in 12 weeks….we finished our origami sketch books, said our farewells and ate some bakewell tart!…..feel really sad that my lovely Clitheroe mornings have come to an end. Thank you to all the lovely creative group members that made it so lovely..

There will be an exhibition at the Ace centre in September so i`ll let you know the details if you wanted to come down and see the work first hand.