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I have always been really passionate about Art as therapy, which led me to work with all kinds of different people and on mental health wards and hospitals around London. I was lucky enough to work with and learn from an amazing Art Therapist, which led me to being accepted to study at Goldsmiths to do an MA in Art Psychotherapy…….but I wasn`t quite ready to be a therapist, so I moved to Sydney to spend one blissful year making Art in the sun!

As a result of all my experience of working with many different groups of people; my community work as an Artist is really important to my practice and in September 2017 I was very happy to qualify as an Integrative Psychotherapist.

I have over ten years of experience of working as a freelance Artist, some of the projects I have developed and facilitated are; Banardos group , Start Arts on Prescription workshops in Salford , New Ghosts Project, East Lancashire Arts on Prescription projects in Clitheroe and Burnley, Tipp project with young mums in Salford, Open shop Project at Haworth Gallery and The Talking Tower exhibition.

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Workshops & Projects blog

Mandala detail….

The mandala is like a big jigsaw puzzle now I just need to attach it altogether….here is some close ups of the beautiful detail. If you look back to the workshop photos you will be able to see the original designs and how close they are to the final laser cut pieces.


Project; Happiness…Community Mandala….

It was around this time last year- (gosh that seems a long time ago), it was snowing… I facilitated a workshop with the children from Belmont Primary School, near Bolton. I thought their designs were fantastic and could not believe how creative they were….

I worked with just over sixty children from Belmont Primary and each produced a leaf design. Their designs appear in gold and have been etched into a thin plastic to create the central part of the mandala.

This piece was supposed to be exhibited last summer, but for COVID reasons had to be cancelled….I still plan to exhibit it outside and hopefully it will tour around the schools and community centres who have been involved in the project.



A photo of their original designs from last January…


then their wonderful designs were put into a computer, so they could be laser cut and engraved.Untitled-1click her to see a video of the central mandala coming together. I will post more images of the Mandala in the next few days.

Preview of the community Mandala…..

This is a sneak preview of the community Mandala… taken from the illustrator design (the programme that it needs to go on to be laser cut), you can`t see all the detail, but the red lines will be engraved and the black lines are to be cut.


The width of the Mandala will be 2 metres, laser cut from a thin black plastic with a layer of gold underneath, so the engraved parts will be gold.





More amazing designs to be laser cut as part of the Community Mandala….

It seems a long time ago now…but it was only March (pre-lock down) that I had an amazingly creative morning with All Saints Primary School near Bolton. Last week I managed to get their designs onto the computer, it was a really hot day- thanks Ruby for bringing me presents to motivate me!


I can really start to visualise what they`re going to look like now…..





all-saints-5I am very happy to say I have almost got the designing part done! I`ll post a preview of the Mandala in the next couple of days!