Past sketch books….

I hope you had a lovely weekend….the sun shone all weekend in Manchester and i couldn`t help but get excited about future bbqs and g & ts in the sun, (i know it is only March and it still may snow), so i`ll whisper this and hope it doesn`t scare away the sun!

I always enjoyed the freedom that working in a sketchbook gave me, i didn`t have to think why i was doing something, i just played and did what i wanted, and so i have lots of books full of doodles! I was looking at them the other day and thought i would share them with you. I felt really inspired to look back at them! It put my creative journey into context and reminded me how important doodling is to me.

Inspiring Interiors……

I have to say i love to visit heritage venues……i find looking at wallpaper and interiors always inspires me. I had such a pleasant day at Dunham Massey today so wanted to share with you some inspiration i took from it. My favourite room was the bedroom below…Role on the Spring i can`t wait for more heritage venues to open!

My beautiful finds from the textile fair…

Gosh what an inspiring weekend! If you made it to the textile fair….wasn`t it amazing!? Below are two french magazines from the 1930s….there are patterns and all sorts of exciting things inside too. I thought I could have them framed and looking at them would send me into a daydream….

Victorian lace motif….

1950s hair clip to brighten up a dull day…..


a french linnen pillow case in perfect condition….the perfect pillow for breakfast in bed!

The day ended with carrot cake…what a perfect day. I bought a beautiful paper craft punch and judy which i would love to reinvent as a workshop (i`ll share that another time).

I hope you had an inspiring weekend!