It`s hard to pin point what has been most influential in my work, so many things have contributed; inspiring tutors, places, materials, exhibitions like, ‘sensations’, artists, countryside; all of it blurs together. I can`t remember a time when I didn`t make, I always loved to use my hands and make. I remember being as young as seven and not being able to let go when drawing and painting, I could never finish anything, it felt too distant, but making was much more instinctive and playful. Making has always been about the materials and exploring them. When I had the confidence to turn away from painting at university and embrace ‘making,’ I started to construct miniature paper environments. I think I was being more true to myself and that was probably a turning point for my practice.

During my MA these environments became room sized installations and I started to experiment with different fabrics and textile techniques. I was always encouraged to keep sketch books by artists and inspiring tutors, which helped to allow me to play and experiment with materials. It somehow felt safe in a sketch book! After my MA at the RCA, I started to make jewellery, because I couldn`t afford a studio I focused on developing jewellery. I always have a sketch book to hand and it`s still about playing, experimenting and using materials in different ways.

I realised both my artwork and jewellery had a strong link through my love of craft. I received a grant from the Arts Council to develop and integrate these two disciplines together. This resulted in ‘The Talking Tower’ exhibition at Turton Tower. Since this exhibition, both practices have continued to influence and inform the other. This has also resulted in me becoming even more interested in developing work that responds to a certain environment or building.

In the last few years laser cutting has become part of my practice, so use laser cutting to create detailed miniature environments or pictures made from walnut, mount board, fabric etc and room sized laser cut environments.

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peacock necklace

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Inspiration from beautiful Didsbury Parsonage…

I was so happy when Didsbury Parsonage gave me the opportunity to create a site specific installation around one of their beautiful windows. My work has been entirely inspired by the stained glass in the parsonage. I used the colours as inspiration and have taken different shapes from the stained glass.

I intend to create a three dimensional laser cut paper installation around the window. I`m using layered tissue paper to play around with the light that will shine through it.


Laser cut experimenting…

I am really excited about creating a large scale laser cut piece made from mount board…Below is a maquette 50 cm by 50 cm, so I can play around with ideas. My  exhibition is in the beautiful Didsbury Parsonage, so I will using similar techniques, but using the building as inspiration. My work will be installed around one of their beautiful windows, so I am planning to play around with different fabrics to use the natural light that floods in…I`ll keep you updated! but for now my doodles! 




Three-Dimensional Pictures….

I can`t get enough of layering! These three-dimensional pictures are all about layering! Made from laser cut mount board, japanese paper, brass and cork (to create the height) layered to play with depth and pattern.



This is made from laser cut mount board and japanese paper…




This one is made from laser cut mount board and plywood, brass, cork, coloured paper and japanese paper.