Artwaves commission…

I took the very long train journey to Bridlington today, (which was absolute bliss i might add)! There`s nothing like some mindless pinteresting, window gazing and THINKING! to while away three hours!

I`d never been to Bridlington or Brid as the locals call it….so I was really excited to visit the beautiful Bridlington Spa building, where my installation would be installed as part of the Artwaves 2019 festival. I had a really inspiring session with Don- thanks so much and to all the Artists; it really helped to bring about more clarity.

I can not tell you how excited I was when the AMAZING technical team told me it was possible to hang my installation above the beautiful dome! I expected them to tell me why it wasn`t possible but instead- a casual,”yeh”- like it was nothing!!

Here are some pictures of inspiration from the building and of course the dome…..I`ll be back to install the piece in June in time for the festival.