This necklace is named after a good friend who has always inspired and supported me…..I designed this by making the shapes three-dimensionally out of leather- drawing doesn`t inspire, so i like to use my hands to make when i`m designing.

Auntie Kay….

I decide i couldn`t not name my necklaces after putting so much thought into designing and making them…..This is the first necklace that the name just came to me based on a mirror at my Auntie Kays farm house….i have always loved it ever since i was small when it belonged to my Grandma. It`s made from mirrored acrylic, with engraved detail.


Brooches and headpieces….

Just to give you a taster of the kind of things you`ll soon be able to buy……handmade brooches lovingly made with guinea foul feathers- i love these feathers they have an art deco feel to them- sometimes i`ll use leather, ribbon and sometimes semi precious stones….to create the centre of the brooch…the stone here is a smoky quartz- one of my favourite stones. Wear them on a scarf round your neck or as a head piece on a head band and they`ll add a handmade elegance to any outfit!

Below is one of my peacock combs…i twist and bend the peacock feather to create this….so each one is completely unique….they comb firmly in your hair, to be worn down the pub for some understated glamour ( i don`t like to save special things just for best) or for that special night out.

Online Shop….

I am feeling so christmassy thanks to¬†going to cut a christmas tree down yesterday! AND christmas at the mill….thanks for coming if you popped along….I`ve been taking photographs and getting my online shop ready so nearly there………will let you know when it`s up and running.