More amazing designs to be laser cut as part of the Community Mandala….

It seems a long time ago now…but it was only March (pre-lock down) that I had an amazingly creative morning with All Saints Primary School near Bolton. Last week I managed to get their designs onto the computer, it was a really hot day- thanks Ruby for bringing me presents to motivate me!


I can really start to visualise what they`re going to look like now…..





all-saints-5I am very happy to say I have almost got the designing part done! I`ll post a preview of the Mandala in the next couple of days!

Project; Happiness…. converting designs ready to be laser cut…

Like everything else Project; Happiness has had to be delayed….I was booked to deliver a workshop at the wonderful Hive at Moss bank, which had to be cancelled. I am hopeful that we can reschedule it and then there is also the event at Moss bank, which has had to be postponed. Initially the delay in everything gave me a new sense of freedom….the extra time helped me take the pressure; off meaning I started to enjoy the process a lot more.

That initial joy at more freedom has caught up with me the last week or so! I have another deadline, which is starting to feel VERY pressing! I am expecting a baby boy at the end of May- I am really hoping he doesn`t come early! I realise juggling is part of life, I just had a different vision for my second baby! After going back to complete my postgraduate in Psychotherapy four weeks after my daughter was born I imagined some peaceful focused time on just my family without having to think of work……hmmm might have to rethink that!

That said I have really enjoyed putting the designs from the school workshops onto the computer….I am in awe of the creativity of the children from Belmont primary school.Their designs will be laser cut to make up a large  community mandala.


and some of their original drawings….