Country drive….

I keep thinking the nice Autumn weather must end soon, but it just keeps going……I`m hoping it holds out for my mini holiday in Edinburgh next weekend….i am so excited i`ve not been since i was very small and there is a new anthropologie store!

Young mums in Salford….

I have been working on a lovely project with Tipp to make new artwork for the new building, 42nd Street, in Manchester, that just opened last night. I worked with the young mums to create acrylic jewellery for them to take home and a mirror designed by all the group members to go in the new building. Here are some of the designs and finished jewellery….

Lovely Autumn days….

I feel so inspired after the last couple of weekends spent with friends in the countryside. We finally went for a weekend in Pickering near York for a 1940s weekend (a friends` parents are artists who live there and it has been talked about for quite some time) we stayed in a lodge,which was a cross between a caravan but much more spacious, but it somehow made it feel even more like a holiday! A country walk near Turton Tower and a visit to Yorkshire Sculpture Park, has filled me with country goodness……

Laser cut jewellery preview…..

I have been experimenting with laser cutting out of mirrored acrylic for my new collection of jewellery…..I have been thinking about what i want to call my necklaces too! the one below is going to be called Polly Paradise ….