My beautiful studio….!

I`m so excited to give you a tour (a small tour) around my new studio! It`s taken a while to get it just how I want it and it`s no exaggeration to say it makes me so happy!

I decided I wanted to take inspiration from the beautiful island of Ille De Re ( near La Rochelle), the island was full of beautiful shades of blue, so you may notice my duck egg blue shelves and box. I bought my french flower print from the island, which started the ball rolling. The rug is handmade by my great grandmother ( a contrast to the Ille De Re palette) I wanted this end to be the ‘clean’ end where I put my necklaces together.

My inspiration board; with samples of ribbons and cords, photograph from an Art Nouveau theatre in Prague, postcards from Blackwell Arts & Craft House, a paper fan (the first thing I ever laser cut), a pop up card ( from a friend who knows me well), images of old artwork and a vintage lace motive (emblem for jewellery on this website). On my duck egg blue box Ava Jessica is sat at the top, with some odds and ends in jars, paper carousel (from a parisian stationary shop), my salt container (gaytime) that I store my pens in and my miniature artwork (which isn`t quite finished yet).

My messy end, where all the painting is done!

My favourite thing in my studio is my mini cabinet of curiosity…it holds random things from my vintage paper Punch & Judy, to childhood objects I just couldn`t part with (clogs, plastic ballerina, wax flower candle i bought at a french market! etc), a photo of my mum & dad in a heart frame ( my auntie gave it to me before i went to Australia) I just love this collection of random objects because each object evokes a different memory about a person or a certain time.