New walnut collection….

Rosa Necklace….Made from laser cut walnut, quilled velvet ribbon, cord and leather cord.

Ava Jessica necklace…made from laser cut walnut and cord.

There is more to come…….

By the seaside…..

I realised when i was in Whitby how much i appreciate being by the sea….i don`t have nearly enough seaside holidays! I must plan seaside getaways more often because my walks along the beach and ice creams have really reinvigorated me!

Robin Hood`s Bay is really near and was the most adorable place with tiny ice cream parlours…it was like stepping back in time and even though it was the most beautiful day it didn`t seem too busy. Sea, sun and time warp was sooo relaxing!

Cosy pubs for a refreshing gin & tonic……

Whitby scampi and fish and chips on the beach- whilst keeping an eye out nobody tries to steal a chip!…

And the weekend is over far too quickly….