Project; Happiness….preparing for chaos when meaning happens

It was my last workshop with the refugee group and I really wanted to involve as many participants in the project as possible….I`d organised the room differently to try and accomodate for the different needs of the core group and the drop-in participants.

Of course when you prepare and expect a particular thing to happen it often doesnt!The session that took place was a real surprise…with only six people there, the smallest group yet….was by far the most meaningful I had experienced. Participants concentrated and were absorbed in the activity; it felt like so much work was done in those two hours. Language difficulties in a small group do not feel like the barrier they feel when there is a large group. One participant who  had previously just dropped in felt like she was able to get fully involved with the project on this session.

I am still hoping that other participants who dropped in will find meaning from the project when they come to the family event and the exhibition opening.


I`m really grateful for this experience of working with such creative and inspiring people- thank you.